333 Exemptions: Do You Need One?

Do I really need a 333 exemption to fly drones commercially?

Do you still believe I don’t have to get a 333 Exemption?  Why or why not?

What’s a good counter response to a company the decides they prefer to hire a 333 exempt pilot, but I know I’m more skilled and can get the job done better?

Is it true that if I don’t have a 333 Exemption, and I get paid to fly my drone, I’m at risk of getting a big fine from the FAA

What do pilots with a 333 Exemption think of it now that they have one?  Do they regret it?  Would they do it differently now?

The 333 aside, what licenses do I for sure need to have in order to fly commercially?

What is the quickest and easiest way to get a 333 Exemption?

Did the FAA really issue a blanket “approval” for commercial drone use below 200 feet?

Will the FAA come after me if I start flying drones commercially?

I’m about to fly a project for a local University, so will I need a TFR or any special approval from the FAA?  What else am I missing?