Advanced Piloting

Everyone of your flight movements should tell a story. It’s about eliminating the “what if” scenarios from your mind and committing to a shot. Have you noticed that the best of the best pilots can get the subject tracking shots with the best cinematic motion within their frame, and they MAKE IT LOOK EASY?! There are 2 surefire ways a client can tell the difference between a skilled pilot from an unskilled pilot. They are:
  1. The ability to bank any turn flawlessly without interrupting your apex
  2. Keeping the complexity of your flight movements in conjunction with fluid motion and smooth video

That’s what we do

Members of Drone U will learn these exact movements. They will learn how to fly between tight objects (Imus Fence) and between obstacles all while keeping their shot framed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes practice and it takes time. At Drone U we teach you these valuable skills so that you can advance in your practice and in your confidence. Here you can see some examples of how skills get better with time and practice. (Imus Ranch Video) Paul Demo Reel Footage from Paul early flights/current flights
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