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Ask DroneU™ is our DAILY podcast that features an actual question submitted from someone awesome just like you!

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Why Ask DroneU™?

One of the biggest values we try and deliver to our members is access to experts who can answer their questions.  In our own learning curve, we always wished we had access like that.  But nobody has ever really done that.  So we’ve committed to do all we can to make ourselves or other drone experts as accessible as possible.

However, that’s not the easiest thing to deliver on when we have so many members and fans.  Thus Ask DroneU was born.  It’s a great way for you to submit questions so we can answer them for others to also learn from.

Each bite-sized show is only around 10 minutes long, and delivered in a fun, what to do now and how format.  Plus you can rely on having something valuable and new delivered to you every single day in an easy to listen and implement format.

It’s the most relevant tips, techniques, business strategies & expert advice to help you save time & money with the right info, the right way, from the right experts, at the right time.

Submitting A Question

We want this show to be fun, personal and helpful.  As a result, we rely on you to submit your questions.  Please use common sense and show courtesy in asking your questions.  Here are some simple guidelines to follow that will ensure your question is qualified to be featured on the show:

  1. Keep your question under one minute in length (it goes fast, so plan just a little).  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to be concise and to the point.
  2. Give us your name, and if you have a drone related website where you show your work or have a drone service business, you’re allowed to share it ONCE (not twice) during the recording below.  For example, “Hello, my name is Taylor Swift.  I have a drone videography business at  My question is…”
  3. Spammy, disrespectful questions will not be considered.  So don’t waste our time.

We use an awesome web service called SpeakPipe for your questions.  It makes it ridiculously easy for you to leave us a voice message through the web.  All you need is an internet connection (which you have since you’re reading this) and a mic on your computer.

Please note that by submitting your recorded question you are allowing us to share it publicly on the podcast.  Click here for more details on the Terms of Use (if you can’t sleep at night).

Also know that it’s literally impossible for us to get to everyone’s questions (you may very well not receive a direct response from us).  We will answer qualified questions as they come.  But if your question has already been asked and answered, we will move on to the next.  However, most questions are answered at some point, and we’ll try to point you to resources when we’ve already handled the same question(s).