Business Strategies

Maybe you intentionally set out to be in business for yourself; operating your drone and turning a profit. Or perhaps your hobby had you trip, stumble and fall into what you’ve now discovered is a very lucrative career. Whatever road you’ve been on, you may now find yourself standing at a crossroads. It’s kinda like relationships and marriage. You can either dive headfirst into the drone business and decide that for better or worse, I’m giving this a ‘go’. Or, you can continue to flirt with the idea, never really making a commitment, never ‘putting a ring on it’. If you’re ready to take that next step, we have practical help and experience to help you in your specific quest to be in business for yourself. It makes logical sense that if you want to own your own drone business, you gotta know how to fly. We have a plethora of resources available to help pilots of all skill levels. That’s what Drone U is all about! But, after you learn to fly, you might want some help in learning how to turn your passion for flight into a legitimate lean-mean-money-making machine. At Drone U, we have experts who have been where you are now, and who want to share what they’ve learned with YOU! Take a listen in this 3-part series from our “Bald Headed Bureau” on some practical tips on everything from setting up your business to setting yourself apart in the industry.

Episode 106: What are some strategies I can implement to get more referrals from my existing clients?

Episode 107: Where do I even begin in setting up a drone business?

Episode 108: What are some of the best strategies for approaching Realtors to both start and grow my drone business?

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