Thanks for your interest in the Drone U community.  One of the great things about being a Drone U member is the thriving, active community of like-minded enthusiasts and pilots who help grow one another.  We’ve had many people tell us that this aspect alone is worth the monthly investment. After much input and direction from our initial group of members, we created a Facebook Group as the preferred community “forum.”  This gives you the quickest, easiest access to posts and all the benefits that come with a positive community of passionate pilots. But you do have to be a member to access it.  You can easily do that by picking your best option below; join and check it out.  We think you’ll agree that the input and access from the community alone is worth every penny.  We hope to see you on the other side…
DroneU Training Community
per month
  • Webinar Replays
  • Private Community
  • Tips & Tricks Videos
  • Expert Interviews
  • Expert Access
  • Monthly Member Q&A Webinar
  • ALL Current and Future Courses
  • BONUS Course Webinars
  • Cancel Anytime
If you are already a member then you need to simply go to your Facebook page.  We do not have access to our Group from the site for security reasons.