Drone U is “U”nique from other UAV training sites.

First, we’ve sifted through loads of material, eliminating most of it because it has little to no relevance on actually turning you into an expert pilot.  What we’ve instead put together is the most relevant, impactful, important information we’ve found and created to train you with so you can focus on those things that will take your piloting skills to the next level(s), and fast.

Second, we only teach from experience, not theory.  Why should you care?  Because we know from personal experience that you’ll learn the most from those who are actually out there flying every day, and getting paid for it.  We believe that you should be trained to be an expert pilot…by an expert pilot.

Third, we are the only training site that has integrated courses into a monthly membership model.  Why have taken this approach?  Because we’ve been where you are now and we know that getting training is expensive.  Therefore, we want to make training more reachable for more people so more pilots are flying safe, and turning their passion into profit (should they desire).

Full Courses

Unless otherwise noted, all of our courses are online, giving you unlimited time and ultimate flexibility.  You will also have total access to the thriving Drone U Community of fellow students, advanced pilots and drone experts.  This assures that, as you participate, you’ll be able to get all your questions answered as you progress.  

As mentioned above, ALL of our courses are included in a monthly membership model.  Therefore, we do not have separate, LARGE “all up front” costs like you’re used to paying.

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Fundamental Flight

This course is designed to provide the most relevant information for new operators flying drones/UAVS.  If you are new to the world of flying cameras with unmanned systems, this course will give you the tools to transform yourself from a brand-new user into a confident operator.

Our coursework transcends beyond merely the theory of flight, and focuses on the most relevant and field-tested information.  Designed in-class and tested in the field by experienced UAV pilots and commercial operators, this course will provide you a comprehensive understanding of Micro UAV operations, especially if you are just entering the UAS/Drone marketplace.

You will gain valuable skills for piloting your DJI Phantom 2 (or similar UAV) with practical help, like understanding the different control modes, how to avoid flyaways and even how to stop them midflight should it occur.  Your confidence will soar with this course as we give you the right information, the right way, from experienced drone experts/pilots.

Overview Of Subjects Covered:

  1. Operational Limitations & Safety Guidelines
  2. Safe Flight Controls – Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Elevation
  3. Systems: Flight Controllers to Motors
  4. Understanding Your Drone
  5. Flight Modes: GPS/Attitude/Manual
  6. Compass Calibration: Dynamic Relationship Between GPS-WAAS
  7. Preflight Inspections & Maintenance
  8. Understanding Orientation, LOS & FPV Flights
  9. Spatial Awareness & Emergency Maneuvers
  10. Drone Law 101: The Current State of Legislation & Privacy
  11. Practice Flight Maneuvers

This Course Is For You If:

  1. You’re an enthusiastic hobbyist
  2. You want to learn how to fly
  3. You want to improve existing skills
  4. You are new to drones
  5. You want to gain confidence
  6. You want to avoid flyaways

Comprehensive Flight

Whether you’re an enthusiastic hobbyists or commercial operator, this complete course will give you with the resources, knowledge and confidence to expand your potential application(s) for operating and flying UASs, while also expanding your piloting skills.

A comprehensive UAV and multirotor training program, this course will also provide you with an extensive understanding of systems and safe flight operations, including advanced control procedures and emergency maneuvers.  You will learn the relationship between camera sensors (payload) and commercial applications, as well as be provided with the necessary forms and documentation to track required inspections, maintenance and flight time.

Additionally, you will be taught the basics of flight control, advanced flight control movement for aerial videography and/or photography, autonomous flight controls, emergency maneuvers, avoiding flyaways, meteorology and proper maintenance to reduce costs.  You will also learn how to control autonomous missions, gathering data for 3D modeling, precision agriculture and inspections.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the option to take our flight and written tests.  Passing these tests is a requirement for anybody seeking a certificate from Drone U in order to apply for insurance.  Our test not only ensures mastery over the most critical things every pilot needs to know, but demonstrates the necessary piloting skills to fly safe, accurately and in-control (everything an insurance company will want validation of).  

Overview Of Subjects Covered:

  1. Dynamic Flight Movement
  2. Spatial Awareness – Mastering FPV Flight
  3. Advanced Videography and Cinematography
  4. Camera Sensors
  5. Advanced Sensors: Thermal and Infrared
  6. Hyperspectral and Multispectral
  7. Intro to Advanced Applications: DSM, Orthomosaics, Point Clouds and 3D
  8. Business Strategies & Systems
  9. Commercial Acquisition Costs and Pricing
  10. Advanced Indoor Flight
  11. Pre-Flight Checks and Maintenance
  12. Acquiring Insurance
  13. Legalities and Integration
  14. Autonomous Flight and Mission Prep
  15. Emergency Maneuvers
  16. Flight Controllers & Advanced Tuning
  17. FAA Regulations & Compliance
  18. Commercial Applications & Options

This Course Is For You If:

  1. You’re an enthusiastic hobbyist
  2. You want to advance your piloting skills
  3. You are new to drones, but have applicable knowledge/skill
  4. You want to gain more confidence
  5. You want to avoid flyaways
  6. You want to master the Art of Flight
  7. You are a Commercial Operator, or have a desire to be
  8. You are an Aerial Photographer and/or Videographer
  9. You are interested in Infrastructure Inspection
  10. You are interested in Real Estate Marketing
  11. You want to turn your passion into profit

DroneU membership includes many benefits like special forums designed for you to discuss your specific applications, successes, problems, work and even get your questions answered, all while in a private, secure, thriving community eager to help each other.  Click here for further details.