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Drone U needs…YOU!

We are currently seeking drone enthusiasts, videographers, drone business owners and experienced pilots to become Drone U contributors. You can share your knowledge, get paid, get FREE supplies and have TONS of fun… maybe even get famous (or remain 100% anonymous).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to become a contributor below. We need to know things like what you do and can do, and as much about you as possible. We also need to see links to your videos or some pics as examples. We are picky when it comes to approving other’s content for Drone U. So be thorough and show us how and why you meet our high standards.
  2. Talk to our team to be assigned projects. We always have projects we need done, and we are always open to new project ideas from you.
  3. Create and submit an outline to our team for approval. You’ll also need to supply your PayPal ID so you can be paid for your work.
  4. Once approved, complete the project (including all associated videos, audio, images, or other supporting documentation).
  5. Send your raw, uncut files (video, audio, documentation) to our team with your notes. Thoroughness is key here as it really expedites the overall process, and you getting paid.
  6. We will review the documentation, ask for any revisions or additions, and approve it. Our team of video/audio/doc editors will complete the final product for posting on Drone U.
  7. Once your finalized project is approved for posting, you will be paid via PayPal.
  8. If we all enjoyed the process of working together then we can move on to the next project.

Our fee structure is as follows:

Project lengths listed below are for finished video and audio files. We will NOT calculate separately your personal time spent on completing a project. That is at your discretion and management. 5 to 20 minute video and/or audio, or written blog post with tips, tricks and/or techniques = $20

Over 20 to 40 minute video and/or audio mini-projects $50

Over 40 to 60 minute video and/or audio projects $100

Over 1 to under 4 hour video and/or audio mini-course = $500

Over 4 to under 8 hour video and/or audio mastery course = $1,000

Full 8 hour video course and/or audio series = $2,000

You can really stack up some great extra money and have a lot of fun.

But the first step is to fill out the form below.

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