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At Drone U, our mission is to provide a vast array of the most important and impactful knowledge, techniques and skills in the UAV market to any and all who wish to become become pilots, and even turn their passion into profit (should they desire). We take a logical, experiential, no nonsense approach to training and educating our community of enthusiasts.

Our goal is to be the ultimate one-stop destination for anyone that has an interest in or questions about UAV operations and flight. We strive to maintain a truthful, unbiased (mostly) compendium of knowledge through original content, product reviews, tips, tricks, techniques, community forums, webinars, interviews, courses, business strategies and expert advice.

Hi!  I’m Paul Aitken, Chief Pilot and CTO of Drone U.  I’m also, and maybe especially, an avid UAV pilot who has turned my passion for flight into a profit, and learned a lot along the way that I want to share with YOU! Flying UAVs can be a lonely life filled with uncertainty, hesitation and a bunch of trial and error. I know when I got started it felt like I was “on an island” when it came to learning how to take my piloting skills to the next level. And since I didn’t have any guidance, it took me a long time to connect with the best experts, tools and resources available in the market. Even after attending a so-called “Certification Course”, it was sort of a “wham, bam, thank you mam” experience.  Once it was over, there was little to no communication with those teaching or attending.  I was once again ‘on an island,’ just now with a “certificate.”  I knew a little bit about flying, but I was left with lots of questions.  I wished there was something more and better for people like me who wanted to take piloting UAVs to the next level.
We believe that the market is full of opportunities for drone pilots to do what they love, namely, fly drones, and as a bonus–make a lot of money doing it! Since I’ve learned to fly, I’ve worked on tons of TV, commercial and movie sets, met lots of interesting people, as well as a handful of celebrities, and earned enough money to quit my day job. Even though I realized pretty soon that amount of opportunities before me were limitless, what I really wanted to do was to teach other people how to do what I was doing.  And that, friends, is what Drone U is all about.  The team here at Drone U is all about the business of teaching others how they can turn their passion into a profitable business, creating a unique online learning community, and providing the ongoing and never-ending continuing education that you need to stay at the top of your game. Drone U doesn’t want you to feel like I did when I first started.  Instead, Drone U wants to provide you with all the insider access and tools you need to fly smart, safe, and profitably!
We believe that through our unique online community, you’re learning curve will increase dramatically as we deliver:
  • The Right Info
  • The Right Way
  • At The Right Time
  • From The Right Experts
Trust me, you could read LOTS of books, spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on unproven, theory based courses, slog through PAGE AFTER PAGE of low-quality blog posts and waste A SMALL FORTUNE on costly trial and error. Or… You could join the Drone U membership community, accessible anywhere, anytime, where you’ll get the inside scoop on everything you really need to know about becoming an expert pilot and turning your passion into profit. With our courses, you will receive the latest and best information that has been tested and designed from real-life experience.  And all of that from tried-and-true experts.  Let’s face it, no real UAV enthusiast has time for fluff, non-sense and a dumping of theoretical information. If you want the raw info, step-by-step instructions and access to the experts then look no further.
Here’s Some of What You’ll Discover as a Member of Drone U…
  1. A thriving, active drone community through an easy to use forum.  Get your questions answered by other drone enthusiasts, and numerous drone experts.
  2. Archive access to our weekly webinars designed to deepen your knowledge on any number of subjects.  Topics are often designed around requests by our members.  We also host member-only webinars that help deepen your knowledge in a wide range of areas.
  3. Tips and Tricks that help lower your learning curve and take your piloting skills to the next level.
  4. Product reviews so you are not left wondering what you should (or shouldn’t) buy and/or use with your drone.
  5. Business strategies to take you from passion to profit.  Learn from drone business owners who are making six figures flying their drone.
  6. Expert advice, and even access to them, through a variety of easy to use tools.
  7. Continuous trainings produced by Drone U and other experts designed around those things you need the most help in.
  8. Interviews with other experts, pilots, owners and contacts.  This includes all the latest from the numerous drone conferences.
  9. Hours and hours of courses (for Business Ready members) that will not only teach you how to fly, but also the in-depth skills you need to become an expert pilot.  Whether you want to turn your passion into profit or not, you’ll know all you need and more with our course work.
  10. The tools and systems you need to constantly and consistently be learning so your piloting skills are ever evolving and growing.  This is critical to maintaining your insurance eligibility and future (potential) certifications.
Plus, when you join now, you’ll have instant access to every piece of content already on the Drone U site. YEARS of research and THOUSANDS of dollars and hours have gone into building this private community of like-minded enthusiasts. It is truly the best of the best in taking your piloting skills to the next level, and learning how to turn your passion into profit.  And you can make it yours right now!
First, we don’t overwhelm you with loads of material with little or no relevance to actually helping you become an expert pilot. Instead, we’ve compiled the most, impactful, important and relevant information to train you so you can focus on those things that will take your piloting skills to the next level, and FAST! Second, we don’t just teach theory. Instead, we’ve found that ‘theory’ rarely plays out in real-life situations and experience is a much better teacher. You can take courses about ‘how’ to fly, and keep your nose buried in a book until you’re blue in the face.  Or you can learn from those who are actually out there flying every day, and getting paid for it. We believe that you should be trained to be an expert pilot…by an expert pilot. Third, we don’t just give you a certificate and send you on your way. Instead, we’ve created the only training site that has integrated courses into a monthly membership model. Why have we taken this approach? Because we’ve been where you are now and we know that getting training is expensive and it’s ongoing! There are always changes happening, skills to be learned, ways to improve, and people to meet. Therefore, no matter your skill level, we want to bring excellent training and resources that are attainable to the masses so that pilots are flying safe, smart and profitably.
You have 2 options: you can either ‘fly solo’ and piecemeal together a-little of this and a-little of that from other communities online. Or you can join a vibrant and active and connected community of like-minded people who are serious about honing their skills and networking together to make the most of their UAV careers. Make no mistake, you might find some freebies online, but what we’ve discovered is that when there is little or no “skin in the game” you’ll have to trudge through a lot of junk to actually get to the info you wanted in the first place.  Your time is valuable.  Your access to the info you need, when you need it, is valuable.  And your desire to enhance your life, by doing what you love, is valuable. At Drone U, it is our aim to give you the tools you need to be successful.  So join the hundreds who have discovered the difference Drone U makes!

Can I attend the webinars before becoming a member?

Yes, absolutely. But you cannot watch the replay of them. There are free, waste-your-time webinars everywhere. Ours, however, are power packed and valuable. So we make them available to non-members, but only live. This is a big benefit to your membership, you can watch ALL webinars, past, present and future, at anytime.

How long do I have to be a member?

As long as you want. Cancel anytime. You literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

What if I cancel my membership after 30 days?

You are responsible for charges that have already occurred for the current billing period. As an example, if your billing cycle is on the 5th of every month, and you cancel on the 12th, you still have to pay for the current month. But you won’t be charged again after that. So everyone is treated equally, there will be no exceptions.

Why don’t you have a money back guarantee?

Our site has a ton of valuable information. If you want to join and check it out for a month that’s perfectly fine with us. But it wouldn’t be very fair, now would it, to just let you just go through the site, benefit from all the helpful info and then just cancel for nothing. We’ve committed to do all we can to provide you with the absolute best, most important to know info out there so you can lower your learning curve, saving you time and money. Trust us, we’ll save you far more than you’ll ever spend with Drone U.

Will going through the courses and tests make me “certified?”

Until the FAA makes their proposed regulations actual law, there is no “certification” program anywhere. By taking the courses and passing the tests, you will receive a “certificate”. This is a very important document, however, if you want to get insurance. Without it you will not be insurable. So you will not be certified, per se, but the certificate will give you a legitimate document for insurance and peace of mind for clients.
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