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Drone U has trained pilots and developed systems to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service and support.  

Aerial Cinematography and Filming

Whether you are looking for general aerial filming or extreme action sports, with thousands of flight hours behind us, our pilots have filmed athletes, boats, planes, high-end real estate, marathons and even flown FAA sanctioned events.  We are known for providing the most difficult aerial cinematography in order to deliver the most exciting, gripping shots.  Inside or out, you can lose the Boom, ditch the jib and forget the crane because we can deliver exceptional, affordable cinematography with the use of our drones.

What We Film:

  • Action Sports
  • Music Videos
  • Tourism Commercials
  • Real Estate
  • AirShows
  • Feature Films
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Boats/Marinas
  • Film Festivals
  • Up-Close and Personal Shots
  • Marathons
  • Subject Tracking up to 90mph
  • Special Events
  • Shoot Super Slow Motion & 4K
  • Charity Events

Commercial Inspections

From cell phone towers to construction sites and infrastructure, our unmanned systems can collect an unprecedented level of data.  Utilizing multiple types of EO, thermal infrared and hyperspectral cameras, we can collect varying degrees of measurable data down to 1cm of accuracy.

Whether it’s searching for leaks, breaks or general problems, with our experience in the field we are able to autonomously collect and provide a real-time inspection, while also limiting your liability and decreasing your costs for a wide variety of applications.

Our inspection services will provide you with the highest level of detail, mitigate risk, decrease costs and increase efficiency. Please reference our list of “Industries Served below for future information and applications.

Industries Served

Search and Rescue:

Using the worlds smallest thermal infrared camera, our aerial vehicles can be deployed in 2-4 minutes upon arrival at the scene.  Our vehicles can traverse large areas while providing a live stream of thermal/infrared video at 60fps.  With the ability to see through smoke, fire and even some thin walls, our cameras can find your subject within minutes.

Emergency Response:

Drone U has developed a fully autonomous system for ER.  Please inquire below for more information as some details will require you to sign an NDA.


Utilizing Hyperspectral cameras, our systems have proven to find BTU Positive Hydrocarbons from the sky, as well as Methane leak detection.

Infrastructure Surveying:

From pipelines to power lines to cell tower inspections, we can help you mitigate risk, limit liability and provide fast results with the highest level of quality and resolution.

Mining and Geology:

From reclamation to volumetric measuring of outputs, our team is able to provide real time, same day data collection and delivery, including gas emission monitoring during shale extraction.

Farming (Livestock):

Locate livestock and track migration patterns.

Wind Farms:

From wind mills to turbines to V.A.W.T., our thermal infrared cameras can spot a problem before it becomes catastrophic.

Precision Agriculture

Whether you’re a farmer looking to supplement your current tools and machinery with UAS, or looking to hire a team to provide continuous data, Drone U is here to help.

From small to large farmers, everyone in Agriculture should be able to have the same data and information that any business normally has access to.  That’s why we can provide farmers with a complete system, or collect and provide data in real-time.  We can provide you information on water density, temperature, spore collection, disease mitigation, CO2 density, drainage evaluation, pathogen tracking and wildlife threat detection.


From site monitoring to accurately measuring homes and buildouts, UAVs can deliver an unprecedented amount of information to help in site development, planning, building and final inspection.

Site Monitoring: measurable data to see construction.

Digital Scale Model: measure the land, nearby area and even elevations.

Thermal Inspection: detect insulation, electrical problems, leaks and other potential hidden problems like rodents.


We often do training for clients of all sizes, specifically in the area of pilots both new and experienced.  If you have an application that would require or benefit from training pilots or continuing education, you can contact us to discuss the scope of service.


We are available to do a wide range of consulting services.  The options and applications are almost limitless.  Simply let us know your need(s) and we’ll put together a plan of action to meet your goals.

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