Our Top 10 Podcasts

How could the newly passed SB 142 privacy law in California affect me now and in the future?  What can I do about it?

An interview with drone attorney, Jon Rupprecht-Does the FAA have the authority to enforce the UAV registration requirements just released?

Does the FAA have any basis at all for the $1.9 million proposed fine for SkyPan International?

Exactly what is Polar Pro filters and should I be using for different conditions and at what time of the day are each of them best?

Interview with David Boggs and Daniel Herbert-What are the facts surrounding the recent Drone Slayer case?  What does it mean for UAV pilots?

What’s your objective opinion about the Department of Transportation’s announcement that they are forming a task force to essentially create a UAS registration process?

Is it true that if I don’t have a 333 Exemption, and I get paid to fly my drone, I’m at risk of getting a big fine from the FAA?

What’s the latest on the DOT task force regarding the registration of all UAS?  What new things have you learned?

An interview with the AMA-Why are you recommending folks wait to register their UAVs?  What your next action with the FAA regarding this requirement?

What do pilots with an 333 Exemption think of it now that they have one?  Do they regret it?  Would they do it different now?