One of our goals at Drone U is to be your one-stop resource for UAV training, information and expertise so you can take your piloting skills to the next level, and turn your passion into profit (should you desire).  We do have some resources for you, both member and non-member.  We are not a drone store, so we don’t include links of where to buy drones (there are too many options). But we do have the following for your benefit:


The following are documents you can download, print, read, burn…whatever floats your boat (or fly’s your drone).  If you have any questions regarding “things” you may (or may not) find in these documents, you can visit the Ask DroneU page to leave a question for us to answer live on one of our podcast shows. This first one may be one of the most important things for you to read through first.  The FAA has conveniently removed this document and language from just about anywhere they had it.  So it’s very difficult to find.  We just happen to have a copy of it for that very reason.  It contains an excerpt from a document from Charles Raley, who is/was the FAA’s Chief Counsel on Enforcement.  Check it out here because you’ll find it very interesting.


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Other Resources:

* Thanks to Keenan Newton for sharing this awesome resource!