NNSA Event - Drone U™

This is a two-day training class. The first half of day one includes instruction on operating your organization’s UAV fleet under the applicable COA.

From there, day one will move into our Flight Introduction program, which is an introduction to drone flight and is essentially the in-person version of our “Don’t Crash Course”. The goal of this section is to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of take-offs, landing, camera sensors, emergency management, banking turns, and various other helpful skills for any new(er) pilot. If you’re ready to go from cautious to confident this is a great investment to launch your drone piloting.

Day two will focus on our “master” training. You’ll learn intricacies of flying a UAV and how to maneuver with complex motions allowing you as the pilot to acquire better shots in more difficult environments. Instructors will help you refine your skill set and bolster your confidence so that when you’re in the field flying your concentration is on the objective of the mission and not the flying. Having transformed many pilots before you, this training is perfect for any drone enthusiast, regardless of piloting experience.

Flight Mastery is a collective of over a dozen training exercises that test every aspect of flight. With this training, you will not only master the necessary nuances of different flight modes, such attitude mode and complex maneuvers. But your piloting skills will also be put to the test as you practice challenging flight motions while flying through numerous obstacles. By the end of the day, you’ll be confidently flying through the entire Drone U obstacle course. The Flight Mastery training offers a systematic method of learning from experienced drone pilots that share years of personal experience and nuances that will dramatically lower your learning curve while taking your skills, knowledge, and confidence to new heights.

Topics covered

Day One

  • COA Operations
  • Drone Safety
  • Emergency Maneuvers
  • Take-offs
  • Landings
  • Flight Modes
  • Drone Basic Functions
  • Banking Turns
  • Boomerang Turns
  • Capturing Pictures
  • Capturing Videos
  • Figure 8 Drills
  • Box Drills

Day Two

  • Flight Motions
  • Banking Turns
  • Proximity Flights
  • Orbital Flights
  • Figure 8 Flights
  • GPS Negative Environment Flights
  • Inverted Orientation Flight
  • Attitude Mode Flights

$1,097.00/Per Pilot

Albuquerque, NM
Amarillo, TX
Oakridge, TN
Fort Smith, AR