About Us

Hi!  We are the Drone U guys.  From time to time, we are also referred to as the “Bald Headed Bureau.”  Actually, we are just four guys: Three bald and one not (yet),  from Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have managed to combine a wide range of skills, backgrounds and age ranges in order to make a living doing what we all love most: teaching others about piloting drones and how to make a living at it. If you’ve been around awhile, or have just found this site, you are probably most familiar with Paul Aitken.  You’ve watched and listened to him passionately explain all things drone.  He is the drone guru around here.   For the rest of us, Drone U has provided an outlet to combine our years of business experience and love for teaching other people how to develop their own successful businesses.

Our Story

Tim Ray and Rob Burdick are old softball buddies.  As their friendship grew they decided they wanted to go into business together.  Their friendship spans over twenty years, and they’ve been in business together for fifteen of those years. These good friends have built  successful companies, employed some great people, and experienced the ebbs and flows of business. The combination of Rob’s mad accounting skills and Tim’s marketing know-how with their commitment to provide unparalleled service to their clients has proven a successful partnership. As fate would have it, Tim and Rob met Dave Meurer (bald headed guy #3) at the very beginning of their business ventures.  Dave, and some other good Albuquerqueans at the Chamber of Commerce were at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for their business back in 2002. It didn’t take long for Rob and Tim to realize that Dave was a treasure trove of business experience and expertise. Dave had built, bought and sold businesses for many years and knew everyone in town. So Rob and Tim sought him out to be their business mentor.  Eventually, mentorship turned into, “Hey, let’s take this to the next level and go into business together!”

Economy Tanking Meant Change Was Inevitable

Rob and Tim’s mortgage business took a direct hit when the economy tanked in 2008. They knew it was time to make a change. They could no longer rely on the previously-steady but now ridiculously-over-regulated industry they had been the source of their livelihoods for years.   They began learning how Internet marketing could allow them to take what they had learned in business (both for better and worse) and use it to help train others. This spark of interest would soon become a full-fledged flame.   They decided  a retreat was in order.  Maybe the cool, Colorado air would clear their heads and give them a fresh vision.  Some great ideas were swirling around, but they determined to lean on the wisdom and experience of their new mentor and friend, Dave. In a picturesque cabin in the snow-capped Rockies, the plan crystallized. They knew that teaching and training others in business was the perfect combination of their collective talents.  There were still unanswered questions, as to how and when, but they knew 3 bald heads were better than two. Fast forward to 2014.  Dave called Tim and Rob and told them they needed to meet a  young millennial, energetic kid named Paul Aitken.  Paul had been hired by Dave to do social media management for his company. Before long, Paul picked up Rob and Tim as clients, and a working relationship began to form for the four of them. Paul, had another burgeoning interest…you guessed it, drones!   Being the go-getter that he is, Paul asked Dave to invest in him by sending him to a drone school.  (Way back then, just two years ago, you had to get on a plane and “go” to drone school!) Dave agreed, and the rest is history.   Paul quickly realized that the methods used by drone schools were ineffective, in addition to costing thousands of dollars.  He knew that most beginners, like himself, wanted more ongoing training and a like-minded community to share it with. When Paul shared his experience with the three bald guys, it didn’t take long for them to combine their unique skill sets to culminate into what has now become Drone U.    

So, Why Drone U?

There are plenty other companies out there seeking to educate the public about drones and safety.  However, Drone U believes our unique presentation, valuable content, and continuous support in this evolving industry is resonating with folks in the drone community.  Our training is based on common-sense thinking and real-life experience.   We have found that combining our energy, knowledge, and passion for drones has resulted in an extraordinary company. Whether you want to learn to fly as a hobby or to propel your piloting skills to build your own drone business, Drone U can help. Maybe you are at a cross-roads. You want to make your dreams become a reality, but you’re not sure how to go about it. You don’t know what you don’t know, but here’s the good news; we do! And we’ve all been where you are right now.  
At Drone U we pride ourselves on delivering information in the right way, at the right time, and from the experts who can bring you to your desired level of knowledge. Drone U takes the trial and error element out of learning about drones and gives you the tools to become the pilot, or even the business owner, you desire to be.  
We are glad you’re here. Welcome to Drone U!