why & what is drone u elite

At Drone U, we exist to have a profound, positive impact on the lives of drone enthusiasts and pilots. We feel so strongly about this purpose that we need your help accomplishing it! Therefore, we've created Drone U Elite, the in-person training arm of Drone U designed to give exceptional people and pilots like you the opportunity and system for training others, while helping us reach our goal of impacting others (more, better, etc.).

As a Drone U Elite Pilot, you will be approved to offer various in-person drone trainings created, tested, and refined by Drone U. You will also have the opportunity to create approved online trainings for the Drone U site and interact with, guide, and assist our incredible community of drone pilots. The best part is you'll be able to do all of this from your location and enjoy a generous revenue share. We are always looking for pilots that are committed to serving others with excellence and providing quality professional trainings. Are you ready to get started?! Apply below and let's get you going...

Benefits for drone u elite pilots

We want to help you start training others as quickly as possible so you can create a(nother) revenue stream and help us help others at a greater scale. Therefore, we've tried to make the benefits for you of being a Drone U Pilot as much of a "no brainer" as possible! Here are some of those benefits for your consideration.

QUALIFICATIONS for drone u elite pilots

  • Test flight at Drone U Elite orientation

  • Part 107 license number

  • Drone registration number

  • Proof of insurance

  • Skype ID for personal interview

  • Intro video showing piloting skills, why DUE, drone experience, and training philosophy

  • Demo reel

  • Total flight hours (minimum of 250)

Where ARE drone u elite Pilots

Trainings offered by Drone U Elite Pilots

Although not every one of our trainings may be for you, we've created, tested, and refined plenty of great options for you to be able to offer in your area as a Drone U Elite Pilot. With all of our approved trainings, we will help you get started with plenty of support and the tools you need to launch these systematic, exceptional trainings.
Subject Tracking with Drones
Group Part 107 Drone Licensing
Aerial Photography
Drone Mapping: Comprehensive Photogrammetry
Flight Mastery
Aerial Videography & Cinematography

Expectations of Drone U Elite Pilots

As a national representative of Drone U, we are careful to only approve those pilots who share an unwavering commitment to serving others and delivering excellence in all things. We do all we can to provide our pilots with as much support, training, and opportunities as possible. As a result, we want to see this reciprocated by our DUE Pilots in the following expectations.


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