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We have been working to fix a (good) dilemma we recognize at Drone U. You see, we exist to have a profound, positive impact on the lives of drone enthusiasts and pilots. A powerful way for us to do that is through in-person drone and business training. But how can we grow that impact and reach more pilots? Well that's where Drone U Elite comes in!

If you're looking for training then Drone U Elite gives you access to more trainings, more options, more expert pilots, and more location choices so you can be sure to get the training you need, when you need it, and where you need it. All our DUE Pilots are required to meet and adhere to rigorous standards before they are approved to offer Drone U created, tested, and refined trainings. This ensures you're getting expert training and advice from real life drone pilots and business operators so they can have the biggest impact on your piloting, confidence, and business. If you're looking to train others and want to apply to become a Drone U Elite Pilot, then we believe our system and trainings are the best opportunities for you to get started. There are many benefits to joining the Drone U Elite Pilot team. Click the "I Want To Train Others" button above and let us show you all you need to know before applying.


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